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February 04 2013, 06:34 PM

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The Flame that Burns Within Us

Summary: It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.

WC: 1,118 


A/N: This is what I’ve been working on for the last little bit. It will be updated in parts as I see fit. It might end up non-linear though as I tend to get random thoughts for random plots at random times. I think I might take prompts if people like it enough, I haven’t decided yet.

I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcomed.

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One spark. 

That is how they say it starts - that is when we meet that someone. It begins when one is born. There is this force within every single being on this planet that just grows stronger and stronger with everyday a person ages. 

It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.

One spark.

For some people, it is just a small shock, like static electricity. But there have been rumours, and no one knows for sure if they are true, about stronger forces meeting. Back in 80’s, there was a story of this one couple that met on a business trip and when they shook hands for the first time, the power went out in the building they were in from the discharge of electrical power. 

From one spark.

Growing up, parents expect their teenager to find their other in high school, college, university. Once someone gets past a certain, people grow weary and believe that they missed their chance to let their spark out. And they are afraid they will never find that one, that their time has passed.

But that’s enough about other people and other sparks. This is about my spark. 

Our spark. 

Title: Spark.

Michael Jones. 

Said boy was stepping away from the luggage carousal at the airport in Texas when he spotting a burly looking man holding a sign - with his name on it. 

It was Jack Pattillo. 

With a giant shit-eating grin, Michael stepped up to him. Jack smiled back and held out his left hand. Michael gave it a wary look before grasping it lightly, letting out a small sigh and nothing happened. 

“Hello there Michael. I’m Jack, but I guess you knew that already by your expression. Welcome to Texas. Let’s get on our way, we have a bit of a drive to the building.” Jack said in one breath. 

“Yeah, I’ve watched a few of your videos. Fucking hilarious stuff you got.” Michael replied as they headed out to the car and drove back. The drive was long and silent, and every now and then Jack would try to strike up conversation with Michael about random subjects. What his favourite game is, where he was from, why he got angry at games. The last one got Michael to open up more to him as he explained what he did and how he got that character on youtube. 

Before they knew it Jack had pulled up to Rooster Teeth Productions and they got out. Michael struck that grin again as he looked up.

“This is an awesome job, isn’t it?” It was more of a statement than a question, but Jack answered him anyways.

“If you like to get smacked daily and weird ass shit happening, playing games, then yes. That it is.” Another man came out of the building and clapped Jack on the shoulder and Jack left Michael with the new guy.

“I hope Jack treated you okay. I’m Burnie and I’ll show you around and introduce you to people.” he introduced. Michael nodded and the tour started. They went up to Burnie’s office to get everything sorted out for Michael to start work the next day, then started the real tour. He was shown the receptionist, the green wall, the workshop, the lunchroom, all over while introducing random people they met. Barbara, Griffon, Gus, so many names Michael already knew but was glad he could meet the people. This went on until the last stop they had was the Achievement Hunter office. 

“And here is were you will be spending the rest of the day with these assholes.” Burnie said opening the door. A loud noise greeted them followed by laughter. Inside was Jack, and on the floor was Ray with Geoff sitting on top of him, all the while playing whatever game it was that they were playing. 

“And welcome to hell Michael.” Burnie yelled over the laughter. Almost instantly the noise cut silent and everyone looked at the new arrivals. Jack gave a small wave and went back to the game, and Geoff got off Ray and held out his right hand in introduction.

“High, I’m Geoff. I’m sure you’ve seen Griffon around. She’s my wife. And this shit head here is Ray.” he said Michael took Geoff’s hand, but when Ray held out his left hand, Michael looked at the ground awkwardly and dropped his hand. Ray gave a small frown, but quickly changed to a smile.

“It’s alright. I know the pressure of not finding you spark.” he said. 

“Where’s Gavin?” Burnie asked.

“Went to the lunchroom for a second, he should be back soon.” Geoff replied as he went back to the game as well, intent on getting Jack. Burnie nodded and turn to Michael,

“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask anyone.” He said in a farewell. The door closed and Michael took a seat in an empty chair that was indicated as his.

“Just a quick question, where is the nearest bathroom?” Michael asked, spinning in his chair.

“If you go out the door, take a right and go down that hallway. Second door on the left.” Came the response from Ray. Michael gave his thanks and got up to leave. 

The closer he came to the door, however, the more his skin started to tingle, for lack of better word. The hairs started to stand on end, giving him goose bumps, and his hair started to stick to his face with static electricity. Paying these things no heed, he reached for the door with his left hand.

The first thing that registered was the cold handle, but that quickly disappeared as a shot of fire raced along his arm in his veins, burning in its path. Instinct to whip his hand away was ignored as the next thing registered. From the door handle where his hand was to about midway in the door itself, a solid, long crack appeared with a snapping sound as loud as a gun shot. The third and last thing that registered was the lights going out as Michael was thrown to the floor a foot away near Ray’s chair. 

Slowly, his vision started to blur and darkness took over.

“Ray, run and get Burnie. Tell him the new kid sparked. Geoff, check to see who is on the other side of the door. Holy shit, that was some spark kid.” Jack’s voice filtered through the haze before Michael passed out. 

|| Table of Content  || Chapter 1 || Next || 

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