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The Flame that Burns Within Us

Summary: It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.


WC: 995

A/N: Here’s another part for my Spark verse! I had to get it out before I lost this bit in my head. Happens a lot T_T. I’ve even got my own tag for it [Spark Verse]! So happy.

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Master List of Fics

Title: Ignite

The faint buzz of the fluorescent lights sang like a the fat lady in an opera through Michaels mind. He groaned loudly, which in hind sight was a bad idea. From somewhere outside the pain in his head, Michael heard a response groan which made his eyes flick open. Bad idea once again.

“Jesus fuck. What the fuck happened? Did a fucking truck smash it’s way into the building and ram me into a wall?” Michael growled. A quiet snicker, which turned into a moan once again, was heard in response.

“I guess you could say something like that.” A male voice said. Turning his head slowly Michael saw another man in the room with him. He had extremely messy hair, the brightest eyes, and was cradling his left hand. The guy glanced at the hand and back up to Michael.

“You must be Michael Jones. The new kid. I’m Gavin Free, but I guess you would know that.” he smiled at him. Michael gave him a confused look.

“Yeah, I know you, barely. Only from the youtube videos.” he murmured. Gavin gave Michaels own left hand a pointed look, and held up his own left hand as well. Michael looked down, and just stared. His hand was black, like it was covered in soot. And it started to hurt as soon as he saw it. The pain traveled from his hand to his chest area, and back again.

“What the fucking hell is this?” Michael screamed, ignoring all the pain it caused. Grabbing the blanket that was haphazardly thrown on him by the looks of it, Michael rubbed away the soot like substance on his hand and half way up his arm, There, staring up at him from his left wrist, was the words Gavin Free. So Michael did the only thing he could at that moment.

Stare back at the words.

What seemed like months, the door to whatever room there where in (Michael glanced around as the door opened startling him, they were in the lunchroom) opened and in came Geoff, Burnie and Griffon. 

“How are you two boys doing?” Burnie asked as Griffon left to grab a couple glasses of cold water for each of them.

“I’m doing splendid, thanks for asking. ‘Wot about you, Michael?” Gavin asked. Michael sat there like a deer in headlights before snapping out of it.

“Did I…? Did we…?” he stammered out.

Griffon came back with ice cold water and finished off Michaels sentence, “Yes. You did. You and Gavin created a spark, and shit was it big. Knocked the power out for the surrounded few blocks. Ours just came back on.”

Michael took a final look at his hand, then over at Gavin, where Gavin looked back at him. His eyes where smiling, even if his pupils had dilated ever so slightly. Hesitantly, Michael lifted his left hand towards Gavin, who understood what he was doing and lifted his own left hand in return. Slowly, the two brought their hands together, until they were just inches apart. That feeling that Michael had earlier, the pain moving along his arm to his chest was back once more, even stronger. It came from his chest to his fingers until it dissipated. But Michael could see what it was that he was feeling. From where he stopped feeling it, a small stream of electricity sprouted from his fingers to Gavin’s, creating tiny little sparks in a steady flow, even though their fingers were inches apart. 

“Now, all of us know how important the first few days are for you two. I’m okay with allow you a few days off to get things settled - “ Burnie started to say, but shouts no from both Gavin and Michael interrupted him. A quick glance at each other and they both snickered. 

“I don’t want to miss my first day of work.” Michael frowned at the thought. Just when he got a great job, missing it. Gavin nodded in agreement and added, “Plus, tomorrow is the let’s play. We can’t bit missing that. We can sort things out later today when I’m done.” Burnie gave them a look before stating that at least Gain could leave early if he wanted to and left the room to do some of his own work. Geoff gave them each one more pat on the back, told Gavin he’s proud of him and him and Griffon left the room as well, leaving the two boys by themselves. Gavin stood and stretched before turning to Michael. 

“Well, at least I get to leave early. Beats editing boorish videos. Have you eaten yet? We can get a spot to eat yeah?” Gavin suggested. Michael stood up beside Gavin and did a stretch of his own.  Facing Gavin, Michael noticed his eyes flicked up from where he was looking, at the spot of skin that was shown as Michael lifted his arms in his stretch. A faint blush spread across his face and ears burnt red. 

“Yeah, lets get the fuck out of here. I’m starving. Jack had my stuff dropped at a hotel I’m spending the night a  block or so away at as the apartment I was looking at before I came here is finalized and mine.” Michael gave as an explanation, “We can go there after?” Gavin nodded and they made their way out and into the open air. They silently walked in the direction Michael remembered they came from and stopped at a small café to grab a sandwich each and a coffee for Michael and a tea for Gavin. A few minutes later they arrived at the hotel and made their way up to the room. Each sitting on a side of the bed, Michael and the head and Gavin sat at the foot end, they ate in silence and just got used to each others presence before they started to talk about what was to come and what was to happen. 

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