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February 13 2013, 09:18 AM

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The Flame that Burns Within Us

Summary: It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.


WC: 727

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Master List of Fics

Title: Kindle

Sorry for the wait. I was engaged in my new blog [fuckyeahrtfanfic] and this got put back for a bit. After this part, time is going to start jumping around to different parts of their relationship [I think is how I’m going to do this]

Gavin turned his cup of tea around in his hands, and cleared his throat.

“Growing up, I never gave much though about all of this.” Gavin started, his thoughts unsure of how to really start talking, “I’ve seen many of my mates connect and then hope into the, ‘we’re so in love and we’re getting married, it’s meant to be’ band-wagon. I never thought it was fair. Not fair that some sort of higher power got to decide who’s perfect for us.” Gavin paused to take a sip of his drink. Michael tipped his head back as he finished his and set the empty coffee cup on the table beside the bed.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes, we did create a spark. But, it’s bullocks to dive into anything without getting to know each other. If . . if it’s okay with you, I want to start slow and take it easy, yeah? Get to know each other as if there isn‘t … this” Gavin proposed and gestured with his hands to the space between himself and the boy across from him. He took a chance to look into Michaels eyes, which he noticed, for the nth time where this amazing chocolate brown colour. Which were clouded over in thought as he took in Gavin’s words. Eventually they cleared up and bore into Gavin’s own and gave a small smile. Even after saying what he did, Gavin could not stop the feeling of his heart fluttering at such a simple glance.

“I’d like that.”

With those three words, Gavin felt his face stretch into a massive grin and he did a little hop on his spot on the bed and promptly fell off. Michaels laughter in response to his antics was rewarding enough to mend his ego slightly as he stood back up.

“I think I should properly introduce myself this time. ‘Ello. My name is Gavin Free. 23 and originally from Oxfordshire, England.” he stated, extending his hand. Michael gave him another one of this little smiles and shook his hand.

“Michael Jones. 24. And I’m from New Jersey. Didn’t have to travel as far as you did I’m afraid.” he responded. Gavin still couldn’t get over that every time they touched, every hair on his body would stand on end with electricity, that his heart would flutter ever so slightly. 

After those short introductions, Gavin settled himself beside Michael at the head of the bed where they proceeded to ask each other any random question that came to mind. It started off with favourites: colour, food, vacation spot, game, and proceeded into bits and pieces of their pasts. Good memories and friends they made. Before Gavin knew, hours had past and a weight on his should startled him when he was talking about how he didn’t get sick. Looking down, Michael had fallen asleep. Ever so slowly, Gavin took Michaels hat and glasses off and set them on the table and lifted his hand up, before hesitating. Would this be okay? Or just creeper-ish? Coming to a decision, he ran his hand softly through Michael’s hair, marvelling at how soft the curls were, and the way the light brought different shades on red in his hair. Michael made a small humming noise in the back of his throat before snuggling in closer. Unsure of what to do, Gavin thought it was best to leave Michael for the rest of the night, as they both had to work in the morning. Slowly, Gavin shimmied lower on the bed and towards the edge. It was working well until Michael rolled over and fell with a slight oomph. Gavin paused, but Michael did not wake up. He did however, now have Gavin trapped underneath him and an arm flung over his chest. Gavin was frozen. 

“Michael?” he whispered. Silence was his answer, and Gavin tried to move again. However this time the slight movement brought a reaction from Michael, his arm tightened around him, unable to let him leave.

“Michael?” Gavin whispered again. Silence was there once again and Gavin sighed realizing his situation and not being able to leave. Taking a look at his hand where Michael’s name was once more, Gavin settled down and tried to fall asleep as well after setting his phone alarm to wake them up in time. 

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