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April 29 2013, 11:00 AM

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The Flame that Burns Within Us

Summary: It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.


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Master List of Fics

Title: Oxidize

[For everyone who asked for it, and for Sky, who better be writing my Ryack in return]

During World War II, the Nazi’s had captured individuals who had just recently created their spark and used them. In the first few days after the initial spark, the electricity in each individual is trying to reach out to each other in attempt to settle down and stabilize. Instead of allowing this to happen. these individuals were held apart and the electricity they generated was captured and converted to help power camps. Being kept apart in those first few days takes its toll and, without fail, drive the individuals insane, and in some cases, caused death.

This was not the first time in history that individuals were used like this, but it is the most important as because of this, it has become outlawed to keep individuals apart, that they need to be together to settle into this new relationship to stabilize it.

The first thing Michael felt when he came to consciousness was an arm on his chest and a warm body beside his. Blinking his eyes open, the blur of day assaulted his senses. He groaned and rolled over towards the warmth to hide. A chuckle sounded from in front of him and Michael jerked back a bit, snapping his eyes open. Still blurry, but better focused, was a pair of blue eyes smiling back at him.

Thinking about what happened yesterday, Michael couldn’t help but smile back in return.

“Mornin’“ Michael’s voice scratched from having just woken up.

“Mornin’ to you as well.” Gavin responded, his own voice heavy and thick with his accent. Michael closed his eyes once more. Having just met Gavin and become his spark, this morning is not as awkward as it should have been. In fact, he felt almost content, laying there with him. A small bit of movement was felt and then pressure on his nose. Blinking eyes opened once more, this time with everything in focus. Blue eyes now had a ring of brown to them, which amazed Michael.

“We really need to get up and going if we want to get to work in time. We can stop at that café again for some breakfast.” Gavin stated and proceeded to stretch, “Do you have a sweater I could borrow for the day? I don’t want to appear in the same shirt two days in a row.” he asked. Michael nodded and tossed him one while they got ready for the day ahead. Shy glances and random touches were always happening, the two still not used to everything.

What they did find out, however, was that if they held their hands a foot apart max, they could still created a spark that would arch between their fingers. A wicked glint enter Gavin’s eyes and he grabbed Michael’s hand to drag them off to work.

“Good morning lads!” Gavin hollered when they finally got into the Achievement Hunter office. Grunts and a weak hello was his reply. They sat at their respective desks and got to work. Not even a few a minute later, Michael felt something kick at him, and a foot appeared at his armrest. He smiled but knocked it off.

“Hello dickheads. Michael, good luck on your first day of work here.” Geoff said walking in the office now. He paused before adding, “I can still feel the electricity between you two. It’s crazy.”

“You could leave that to our shocking personalities.” Gavin joked, and silently motioned for Michael to bring up his hand. He did so with a smirk, and poor Geoff got caught between the two as they created their spark.

“Jesus fucking! Shit guys, that hurts like hell!” he yelped., rubbing his now socked hand and made his way to his own desk. Gavin and Michael just laughed and high fived.

This was how the next few days played out. They would wake up next to each other after passing out talking too much. Gavin had brought a bag of his own clothes after that first night so he wouldn’t have to borrow Michael’s sweaters. At work, they would work diligently, pranking and usually having at least one point of contact between them. The next time they caught someone between their spark, Lindsay was there recording it for the RT Life. The Achievement Hunter crew, as well as the rest of the building, also got to experience Michael’s Rage Quit for the first time.

It went as it usually did, Michael yelling profanities at the game, but now that he was at RT, there was a good handful of people poking their heads in to see what was wrong. That did not set well with Michael, and true angry was starting to seep into his work. Ray, Jack and Gavin were in the room while he was recording, and they had started to notice that after the first 5 people poking in, the air was filling with an electrical charge. Ray and Jack exchanged glances before silently stepping outside.

“Michael? Can you calm down for me?” Gavin asked, reaching out to rest his hand on Michael’s arm. Sparks started to jump between Gavin and Michael again, the lights were flickering above them. Michael took a few deep breaths and tried to rein it in. Sensing this, Gavin wrapped his arms around Michael in an embrace. Michael relaxed further, a pleasant feeling replacing the anger.

“Thanks, Gav.” Michael mumbled. Gavin leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of Michael’s head. He froze once he realised what he did. Michael leaned his head back more, giving Gavin a warm smile before bringing his head down to press a kiss against Gavin’s arm that was closest to him.

Warmth started to spread from his left wrist, and Gavin must have felt it too, for they both pulled their arms up to look. Where it was just each others names before, there was now elegant script work boarding around the name, wrapping around the wrist like a bracelet.

|| Table of Content || Chapter 1 || Previous || Next ||

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