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May 06 2013, 08:00 AM

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The Flame that Burns Within Us

Summary: It could be your neighbour, your school mate that you might have had your eye on or that school mate that has their eye on you. A co-worker or a famous movie star. No one knows who it is until they meet, until they touch.


WC: 859

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Master List of Fics

Title: Jolt

Scientist have said that they have found scientific evidence of the cavemen having these sparks that people of today do from fossil records. However, the first ever recorded spark in history appears to be in the early 1400’s. It was but a small passage of writing, but anything recorded of sparks did not appear again until 1692. The year of the Salem Witch Trials. Being accused of bewitching and enchanting, the sight of two people creating a spark further fueled accusations. People became afraid and started to refuse to touch each other. Though there was always those who refused to be bullied by the society.

It had now been a week and a few days since Michael and Gavin found each other. They were now comfortable enough to have a bit of distance between them without having the need to reach over and touch the others hand or ruffle their hair. They had grown closer as well. Michael was able to look over at Gavin and almost instantly know how he was feeling. Gavin was able to just say a single word to Michael to calm him instantly if, and when, he got too far into his rage. Things were progressing rather well for the two.

It was during some quiet downtime where everyone was editing that Gavin got a text. It was some obnoxious ringtone that Michael had heard plenty of times, signally the arrival of a message from Dan. Gavin grinned as he opened unlocked his phone to see the whole thing.  Eyes flicking across the screen, Michael saw they flicked to him before going back to the screen, a tongue darting out to lick his lips. Spinning his chair around, Gavin faced Geoff.

“Hey uh, Geoff.” Gavin hesitantly called across the room. Geoff held up his hand in a ‘one moment’ motion as he flicked his mouse across the screen to finish the edit he was on. Taking his headphones off, he turned his own chair around to face Gavin.

“What is it?” he asked. Gavin’s hand went to the back of his neck and scratched.

“Well, Dan wants to know if I can head over to record some more Slow-Mo with him next week. Would that be okay?” Gavin asked, his eyes flicking back over to Michael before going back to Geoff. At his words however, Michael felt his heart clench up and drop to the pit of his stomach. Gavin? Leaving him?

The air in the office started to warm up and fast. Michael all but bolted out of his chair and through the door. Shouts of surprise and concern followed his and he ran into the wall before jogging outside into the hot Texas air. He collapsed at the wall just beside the door and tried to calm his chest. The sting of tears pooling in his eyes was the only warning he got before the spilt over and ran down his face. Michael pushed his glasses up to rub at his eyes in attempt to stop, but it wouldn’t work. The door clicked open and two arms wrapped themselves around Michael, pulling him into a family chest. Michael clung to Gavin, gripping his shirt as if that would hold him there, to here in Texas.

“I just found you. I don’t want you to leave.” Michael whispered, his face in the crook of Gavin’s should. Gavin’s hand started to rub soothing circles on his back.

“I’ll be gone for a few days at most, my little Michael. Don’t worry. I’ll be back before you know it.” Gavin assured. Michael took a step back, holding Gavin’s hand now.

“But how do I know something won’t happen to you? Something could happen to the plane, or someone could mug you, I don’t fucking know!” Michael shouted in frustration, and a bit of anguish.  He looked down to the ground to try and clear his thoughts. Gavin brought his free hand up to Michael’s chin and lifted his head to look him in the eyes.

“Nothing will happen. I’ve done this loads of times before. It’s nothing to go mental about.” He tried to reassure again. Michael averted his eyes, shifting his weight from one foot to the next, “What’s really bothering you Michael?” he asked.

“I…” Michael hesitated, not wanting and not used to saying these kind of things, “I don’t want to be forgotten. Or left behind.” He rushed out, shaking his head out of Gavin’s grasp. Gavin chuckled slightly and the next thing Michael knew, lips were pressed against his own. Eyes wide and staring at Gavin, Michael slowly but surely relaxed into the kiss. Hands intertwined, a wave of electric pleasure made its way from them all the way up to where their lips were connected.

The pulled apart after the feelings died out, breathing heavy. Eyes flittered open and pupils were dilated. Gavin pulled Michael into a hug this time.

“I won’t ever forget you. How could I forget my little, rage quit Michael?” Gavin whispered in his ear. Michael sighed and pressed a light kiss to Gavin’s neck.

“Just come back as soon as you can, ‘kay?”

“Of course.”

|| Table of Content || Chapter 1 || Previous || Next ||

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